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GCC Established in 2004 as a Non-profit, charitable organization providing free medical care and counseling service
to our underserved neighbors in the metropolitan DC area. Our clinic is run entirely by volunteers and operates using our donors’ personal and corporate contributions. We operate on Sundays and provide an array of services, including primary care for all ages, office care of cardiology, orthopedic, surgery and optometry. 
GCC believes in the holistic betterment of our patients’ health. In addition to medical treatment, we seek to provide our patients with emotional and spiritual support as well. As such, GCC offers counseling services to our community through the Washington Christian Counseling Institute (WCCI).  WCCI is run by professional counselors and social workers. GCC medical experts and WCCI’s counselors work in cooperation to restore our patients’ minds and bodies.  Through our multi-generational cohort of volunteers, we mentor, nurture, and equip our future generation of servant-leaders with confidence, humility, and a generous heart attuned to the needs of our community.

By providence, the organization has beautifully flourished, with a staff providing a full range of services to patients of diverse backgrounds. We provide interoperation in Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu, and Korean.

Staffs & Volunteers

GCC is blessed to have a family of volunteers with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The unique talents of each individual, combined with their compassionate hearts and desire to share their blessings with the community, sustain GCC’s operations and enhance its potential to serve the underserved in our community.


  • Dr.  Tong S. Park, Director
  • Jooyon Bae, Office Manager
  • Chan K. Yoon, Clinic Operations Manager
  • Ethan Shin Park, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ki Sang Yoon, Support Service Coordinator


  • Keith Chu, M.D., Cardiologist
  • Sarah Kang, M.D., Physician
  • Hi Joo Kim, M.D., Rehab Medicine
  • James J.P. Kim, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon
  • John Kim, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Kenneth S. Kim, M.D., Medical Director
  • Tong S. Park, M.D., Physician
  • Ana Song, M.D., Physician 
  • Su Yi, MD, Physician
  • Kibbum Kang, Nurse Practitioner
  • Caroline Hong, Nurse Practitioner
  • Florence Kim, Nurse Practitioner
  • Alicia Kim, Optometrist

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Eui Saing Han, Chairperson
  • Mr. Joo Soung Park, Vice Chairperson
  • Mr. Young Gil Kwon, Vice Chairperson
  • Mr. Seth Kim, Esq., Secretary 
  • Mr. Brian C. Lee, Treasurer
  • Mr. Woon Soo Kim
  • Mr. Jae Kyoung Ahn
  • Mr. Se Kon Choy
  • Dr. Hi Joo Kim
  • Dr. James J.P. Kim
  • Mr. Wayne Kim
  • Mrs. Young H. Kim 
  • Mrs. Young Mi Kim
  • Mr. Paul B. Lee
  • Ms. Soyoung Lee, Esq.
  • Mr. Jonathan Inchul Oh
  • Mr. Gregory Park, Esq.
  • Dr. Tong S. Park
  • Dr. Joseph H. Sirh
  • Mr. Ki S. Yoon